worth going


Sometimes I love cooking and sometimes I hate it. I love it when I have all day to prepare something special for my family and they lick their plates clean. I hate it when it's 5:30, everyone (including me) is hungry and I still have to go to the grocery store. I don't have a ton of time to cook these days with a 3 year old but I do believe in taking the time to make things from scratch and using simple, fresh ingredients that are easy to find. I live in the midwest so I like comfort food, anything with a potato in it, casseroles, soup, beans and meat. I'm not fancy but I do appreciate presentation and think all food has a time and place. Sometimes it's Coq au Vin. Sometimes it's McDonalds. I do take short cuts sometimes where I shouldn't. I'm sort of messy but I'm really working on the whole mis en place thing. I love food and the way it brings people together and creates memories. I want my daughter to have those great memories of my cooking so that's why I cook.

We all have to eat so why not make something great!

"If you're afraid of butter, use cream". Julia Child